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Definition of hydraulic press

2016/12/19      view:
    Hydraulic press, also known as hydraulic forming press, is a variety of metal and non-metallic materials forming processing equipment. The utility model is mainly composed of a frame, a hydraulic system, a cooling system, a pressurizing oil cylinder, an upper die and a lower die, etc.. The utility model is characterized in that a movable     worktable is arranged at the lower end of the machine frame and a movable oil cylinder connected with the mobile worktable.
    The hydraulic press needs to be installed in a clean, dry, uniform temperature, no vibration, no corrosive gas affect the house and place position should be appropriate, easy operation and maintenance, installation of foundation should be solid and reliable.
    Hydraulic pressure machine in use, its hydraulic oil needs to be regularly checked and regularly replaced, otherwise for hydraulic press the overall processing performance has a great impact.